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How To Get An NMLS Number

We Know You Are Not Just A Number But You Do Need to Get One

To get started with getting your license, you need to get and NMLS number. If you have To get started you need to create your profile on the NMLS site. Click here to go directly to the correct page on the NMLS Site:  

After that here's a shortcut to the next steps:

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What Does It Take To Be An MLO?

Get Your Game On

Step 1 

Get Licensed. 

Step 2

Learn your products and programs. 

Step 3 

Know your competitors and their strengths and weaknesses

Step 4

Plan your strategy and tactics 

Build your own FAQ of every question you could be asked and write out how you plan to answer it. 


To be an effective MLO you must be persuasive and connect with business opportunities. 

What’s required in my state to get licensed?

What State Are You In?

We'll Make Sure It's Not Confusion

 Every state requires a total of at least 20 hours of NMLS Approved Education. Many require a state prelicensing course. If you aren't already licensed you need to take and pass The SAFE MLO Test. Click here for the state requirements for all states where you can look up what you need. 

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If You Need We Got It

Whats the SAFE MLO (NMLS) Test like

Challenging but Do-able.

The SAFE MLO Test pass rate is currently 58%.

With our tools and your effort, you can make it a Reality

Connect with us, connect with your trainer and use the best tools